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"Few things are as therapeutic to me as sharpening kitchen knives. There is just something about performing a simple task by hand and doing it well. Maybe it is the smiles I see when I hand newly sharpened kitchen knives back to their owner. Maybe it is the satisfaction of restoring a tired old knife back to it's former glory. For whatever reason, I spend a lot of time sharpening kitchen knives and enjoy every minute of it." ~Philip

Sharpen At The Right Angle

All knives should not be sharpened the same and here’s why. The type of work the knife will be asked to do determines, in part, how to go about the sharpening. In particular, the knife sharpening angle needs to be tailored to the task at hand and to the quality of the cutlery. When sharpening kitchen knives, I've found that an angle of around 20 degrees to 22 degrees works very well. The higher the knife quality, the lower the angle can be. Premium quality steels used in the best kitchen cutlery will take and hold the ultra sharp low angles. Standard quality kitchen knives seem to work best with slightly higher angles of at least 22 degrees or higher.

Of course there are a variety of tasks to be completed in the kitchen so ideally you will have all of your knives sharpened for their specific task. Flexible knives, such as fillet knives, should only be used for delicate work and must be sharpened at a very low angle to cut properly. The ever present chef knife and the versatile Santoku must be sharpened in a manner that works well for a variety of tasks, from mincing herbs to butterflying a pork chop.

How Do I Sharpen Kitchen Cutlery?

While I have tried many different methods of sharpening kitchen knives, I personally rely on knife sharpening wheels. Put simply, I have yet to find a more efficient tool or technique for producing really sharp knives. This is the technique I use in my knife sharpening service. Whenever I am sharpening for someone in person, they are sometimes skeptical at first. That is, until I hand them the first sharpened knife. Almost universally a smile comes over them as they fantasize about smooth, perfect slices.

Now That You Have A Sharp Kitchen Knife

Don't let your kitchen knife sharpening be a love ‘em and leave ‘em affair. They will need just a bit of attention in between sharpenings. A minute or two on a knife steel or ceramic hone every couple of weeks will prolong the newly sharpened edges. Depending on how much use and abuse they receive, they should be resharpened at least once or twice per year.


* Your knives will be sharpened and mailed back to you within 48 hours of receipt of payment with the following exception. If your knives arrive at my shop on a Friday or Saturday, I will sharpen them over the weekend and mail them back out on the following Monday. If you have any questions please contact me.

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