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When you run a mail in knife sharpening service, Christmas never ends. Each visit from the mail man or the UPS truck with another box of dull knives reminds me of opening presents on Christmas morning. Even though you have a pretty good idea of what may be inside, you never know for sure!

Sometimes the boxes I get may contain an expensive German made chef's knife or maybe a finely crafted custom hunting knife, but other times it is just a seemingly ordinary, run of the mill knife that to the casual observer, is just another knife.

But often it is just these types of knives that can be the most valuable of all. Perhaps they were handed down to you from a family member, or given as a gift to commemorate a special occasion. Or you may have purchased them with little thought, but through their constant use in the kitchen or the field they have become more than just tools.

Every knife has a story and I'd love to hear yours!

Mail In Sharpening Is Fast!

Most people are shocked to see how fast the turn around time is with my mail in knife sharpening service. In most cases, I can sharpen the dull knives and have them back in the mail in just a day or two. That means that the complete process from the time you put your beloved cutlery in the mail until they return in all their gleaming glory is typically around a week. In many cases this is much faster than using a local sharpener, assuming there even is one.

Mail In Sharpening Is Affordable!

Sure, you can go to the local “mart” and pick up a cheap knife sharpener for a few bucks. You can also ruin your knives faster than you can say “uh oh”. Please, even if you choose not to use my mail in knife sharpening service, do yourself a huge favor and buy a quality sharpener. I use knife sharpening wheels and the professional model Edge Pro. To see my simple pricing structure, go to the ORDER page.


* Your knives will be sharpened and mailed back to you within 48 hours of receipt of payment with the following exception. If your knives arrive at my shop on a Friday or Saturday, I will sharpen them over the weekend and mail them back out on the following Monday. If you have any questions please contact me.

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